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Teaching Department​​​
Envite Design collaborates with Fab Lab locations around the world to teach classes in...
  • SOLIDWORKS - (Includes several variations depending on the students needs)
  • LIBRE OFFICE DRAW (Open Source Equivalent to Illustrator)
  • INKSCAPE (Open Source Equivalent to Illustrator)
  • Gimp (Open Source Equivalent to Photoshop)
Classes include the use of...*
3-D printing with the Makerbot Replicator 2.
Laser Cutting with the 25 and 35 and 40 watt laser cutters.
Roland Vinyl Cutter
ShopBot CNC Router
Smooth-On Molding Materials
*based on availability of materials and machines, and the need for each students personal project goals.
Who are these classes for?
Anyone looking to build skills in 3-D modeling, 3-D Printing, laser cutting, etc age 6-106+. Classes will be tailored to the needs and abilities of the users.
How often are the classes held?
Typically weekly or biweekly for 5 sessions or longer (up to the student). Some have been learning weekly for approximately a year or longer. Flexibility is available if a faster or slower pace is requested.
How much do these classes cost?
A typical fee would be $50-75 per class for the 5 sessions, depending on what your goals are, what materials are used, how many classes you sign up for, etc.
How many classmates will I have?
Typically, we will strive to keep the classes to 6 students max so to allow for easy communication between the instructor and the students. 1 on 1 is also typically available; please ask if this is your preference.
Latest Designs with Youth Oriented Programs (Click the photos for more info)​
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