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Envite Design is your one-stop Design Center!
We offer Digital Manufacturing (SOLIDWORKS) and Graphic Design classes 1 on 1 or in groups of up to 6.
We develop products/prototypes for clients using programs such as SOLIDWORKS as well as 3D printers, laser cutters (12"x24" bed), CNC Routers (4'x8' bed), Vinyl Cutters, mold making materials, small wood/plastic working materials/tools, screen printing materials, etc.
Lessons and client work are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Email us at today to schedule your first meeting or lesson! Hurry because life gets busy!
We develop products and designs in our Idea Tank from our Founder, Brad Presler.
For more information on what we do, Click the department you are interested in below.
Learn about SOLIDWORKS and the the Digital Manufacturing Process!
Introduce Envite Design to students or groups that need design assistance the same way many groups have already such as:
The Learn2Teach Teach2Learn program at Mel King's South End Technology CenterYouth Build Boston's the Designery
Boston Public Schools
Tell us about your idea for a product and Envite Design will let you know how we can make it happen! 
Ask us about our products and how you can try them out!
You need designs for your teams, companies, events or ideas. Let us know, and we can create t-shirts, digital logos, flyers, pamphlets, posters, business cards, etc to help your event or idea become known!
When you have an idea for a product or service, you need a website. Contact us to help you make it a reality! 

What Envite Design offers you...

Access to learning about and utilizing tools for prototyping your ideas and bringing them to reality.

Such as:


3D Printers 

Laser Cutters (12"x24" bed) 

CNC Routers (4'x8' bed) 

Vinyl Cutters

Mold making materials

Small wood/plastic working materials/tools

Screen printing materials, etc. 

Envite Design will create your logos, hats, and uniforms!
Envite Design will design your website!
Ask us about our investment opportunities including hundreds of concepts, ideas, and inventions we are working on producing!
Envite Design will mentor/train community youth and adults to be Designers, helping them create real life projects and improving their confidence and capabilities in learning through design thinking!

We know you have ideas. We want to help you get them out of your head and into the real world.
As Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of Reddit, said to a small group of entrepreneurs we were privileged to be a part of,
"Entrepreneurship is 'French' for having ideas and doing something about it."
As clients of Envite Design, you will receive one on one sessions and consultations on developing your idea into reality whether that is a new team logo or a product that the world needs. We will set deadlines and complete designs in a timely manner. We like you to be a part of the process, so regular meetings and updates throughout the design process are encouraged. Meetings can be in person or online through Google Hangouts or Skype, etc. Schedule your first meeting today!
Envite Design is now part of the IDEA Venture Accelerator (Northeastern University), an entrepreneurship focused group of experts in several fields ranging from finances to marketing, business planning to sales, production to distribution, etc that can be of service through Envite Design, helping you connect to the resources you need.
About Envite Design
Envite Design was established in early 2010 out of Columbus, Ohio. 
We are currently located in Delaware, Ohio. 
Our wide range of concepts, ideas, and inventions show that design is everywhere.  We took the time to create a design firm to allow concepts, ideas and inventions to be readily accessible to those who believe in creating new innovative design and products.  We believe that by developing concepts, ideas and inventions, people can better their lives significantly.
What's with the name?​
The name, Envite Design, originated from the passion for Engineering and Design.
It is a play on words (Envite and invite, ENgineering and inVITE combined) signifying our belief that everyone is to be invited into the design and engineering world; design and engineering is everywhere and should be appreciated and realized by everyone.​
Envite Design is pronounced "N-vite Design".
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